Florida Temporary Dentist Service

John Ratowski, D.M.D.

Closing a dental office, even for a week, is an expensive proposition. Overhead expenses continue to accrue as the practice sits idle. I am offering a service that will keep the hygiene component of your practice running at full speed while you are gone. I will also treat any emergencies that arise during your absence. I do not want to take any dental work away from you, the owner of the practice. My goal is for you to have plenty to do upon your return.

My service will allow you to:
Avoid rescheduling hygiene patients
Keep the doors of your practice open
Generate income to cover fixed costs
Provide more working days for your staff
Take time off to go on a vacation, deal with your health, attend an event, or take a CE course

For multiple doctor practices, my service will allow the owner(s) and associate(s) to attend conferences and take CE courses together. It will help them stay on the same page clinically.

My duties will be to:
Examine hygiene patients
Interpret radiographs
Diagnose decay
Add new findings to treatment plans
Refer patients to specialists when necessary
Anesthetize patients for scaling and root planing
Write prescriptions
Treat emergencies

Florida Dental License - DN15906
University of Florida College of Dentistry Graduate (Class of 2001)
Over a decade of patient care experience
Owned and operated a private practice for six years

I am currently taking reservations for weeks in 2013 and 2014. Please call or e-mail me for more information.
Upcoming Openings

Contact Information:
John Ratowski, D.M.D.
(850) 385-2882

My service is not currently available in the following counties due to a practice sale agreement:
Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Jackson, Walton, and Washington